Friday, August 28, 2009

Rustic Roosters

Thanks, Barb, for hosting a great Roosters Party!


  1. Your primitive roosters are evry nice, but I really like the glasses. I've never seen ones like that before.

  2. What a lovely collection. Love the rooster glasses.

    Irma :)

  3. I think all your roosters are great! I am so glad you posted photos of them. Blessings to you.

  4. Good Morning!! Love all your roosters here today, but my favorite is that weather vane! Hope you're enjoying all the rooster festivities, and that you're having a wonderful weekend! ~tina

  5. Happy rooster party to you.

    I like all of your roosters but those glasses are very unique.


  6. I love the rustic roosters. Your collection is adorable. The Far Side cartoon really fits. Blessings, Janet

  7. Cock-a-doodle-doo to you...great roosters!
    Sandi - My Roosters Party On

  8. Hi I love yor Roosters, Yes I am still trying to get to all the great party's.... I am having a give-a-way to celebrate my 1 month Blogoversary.... Please stop over at my place to celebrate ...

  9. I'm still making my rooster rounds!

    I love your rooster weathervane :o) I also noticed you love quite anumber of the things I do as well...antiques, vintage, quilts, etc...

    & good to see you didnt leave off chocolate. :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    If you're not tuckered out...hope you stop by my rooster party :o)

  10. Sorry I'm so late for your party. It is taking me all week to get around to each party. I don't want to miss a one. Certainly glad I didn't miss yours. I noticed that you and like a lot of the same things: dolls, quilts, folk art, antique and flea markets.... And you live on Cape Cod. I love the Cape and Nantucket! Hope to see you at my place sometime.

  11. Wish I lived on the Cape, but it's close enough that I can visit every summer. Lucky me!

    Thanks to all for your lovely comments.