Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Taste of Primitive

Doll by Little Country Loft

The term "primitive" is freely used to describe one style of dollmaking. There are many categories for the current primitive look, but most need one or more of the following qualities:

...Look of age - a deliberate aging by use of dyeing, fading, staining or distressing of fabrics. This gives them a time-worn, even dirty, appearance that something old might have.

...Innocence - crooked stitches, unproportional features, mismatched fabric and buttons are used. The look is generally simplistic but uninhibited.

...Intentionally ugly - big button eyes, bald and misshapen heads, rusty wire for hair, and a dominance of muted colors are used.

...Embellishments and fabrics - the fabrics chosen might include homespuns, wool, and other naturals. Often, vintage fabrics find new life on primitive dolls. Clothes are sometimes embroidered with decorative stitching or verses.

There is no right or wrong with primitive cloth dolls, they just are. Truly, primitive is in the eye of the beholder.

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